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The fast track to learn Patent search | Patent search crashcourse | Freedom to operate | Step by Step Screencast|

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This course focuses on Patent search with a practical approach! We only use free Web resources to conduct the patent search!

We participate in the Udemy refund programm! If you don't like the course you can get 30 days full refund! So there is bascially no risk for you buying this course!

  • Dive right into patent search: We will start with a screencast section where we show a lot of the functionality of a patent database! To lift your search to next level we will talk about operators, truncation and generic terms.

  • After you understood how to use the patent database we will talk about a more strategic way to encounter patent search! You will learn how to use all the information you have gathered and how to use this information in the patent search. Don't worry also here we use a lot of examples to make it really easy to understand!

  • After this we will do a step by step example to conduct the patent search with a strategic approach!

  • Additionally: Other Patent databases - advantages - disadvantages

We try to create a 5 star rated course! If there is anything not as expected please let us know! We will fix it right away and provide you with the missing information!

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